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This is our 2004 annual report. It has been an eventful year to put it mildly but great progress has been made yet there were many disappointments.

We still have not done a very good job in communicating with members mainly because it takes so much time and those of us who are active have been very, very, busy collecting vehicles. I have been ill for a lot of the year and it has become a matter of priorities, particularly when collection of vehicles takes priority over all else and we are still way behind. However, we plan to mail this report to everyone who has asked to be a member, all memberships are extended to December 31, 2005 and we may get some order and organization into the paperwork soon, with luck. We need a membership secretary. Any volunteers?

Once again I am setting out how I see things and how I see things in the future. We have had our usual list of begrudgers and the amount of flak we get on the website is unbelievable. One has to learn in any museum to have a thick skin as one will be criticised on a regular basis. One preserves too much, one has the wrong livery, one has the wrong body, one has changed a vehicle! You name it, we are doing it wrong, people will say! But the viciousness of some of the postings amazed me and could only come from sick minds. We debated requiring a password to post but felt on balance that we wanted to encourage everyone, so instead have quicker censorship of nasty messages. Only in Ireland! Not one UK or foreign nasty!

A museum such as ours is not for the people of today. It is for one hundred years and more hence and is a legacy we leave to succeeding generations. Whether or not we will be successful, nobody knows and will not know for a hundred years or so, but if we do not try, it will certainly not be successful.

Our philosophy of last year to collect, collect and collect has been pursued with a vengeance this year and there is no change. The big change this year is that we have got a permanent base which is some 7 acres for a depot in Cork and we have started moving the vehicles in there. With storage capability for 400 vehicles we have more than enough room and 400 vehicles is the target for the end of 2005.

There has been further deterioration in the mechanical condition of some of the fleet as we have had no place undercover to work on them and this is a matter of grave concern. However by the time you read next years report we hope to have a huge shed erected and that problem solved. We already have the shed. The problem is that we bought the shed from the bank and the previous owner is threatening to inflict grave bodily injury on anyone who puts it up and the Gardai say it is doubtful if they can protect us. Our U.K. friends will no doubt read this in amazement but you have to only look north for an example of what can happen and our collection is too valuable to jeopardize it in this way.

The other lesson that we have learnt the hard way is that without major backup - which we do not have – it is very difficult and costly to keep vehicles operational. Lack of use is the biggest enemy but the entire question of running vintage vehicles any distance to rallies will have to be looked at as all our problems this year were as a result of attempting to make long runs. In the last report we lost three engines in the year. This year we have managed to have no engine failures but this has had the negative effect of making us very careful where we take our vehicles and how long we run them so we have cut down the excursions to minimize the potential risk and this in turn results in less public exposure. On the other hand we have had one major accident to CKE 170Y. While covered by insurance the vehicle may still be a writeoff. Negotiations are in progress with the insurance company but it does not seem that at the time of writing we will not be able to replace the damaged parts so we do not know what we will do.

Without doubt the best acquisitions we obtained were the Nefkens Den Oudsten Leyland Worldmasters 1178 and 1179 which are in mint condition. They came to us from Servisair.

The highlights of this year also included the acquisition of a further Cork County Council mobile library. Unfortunately this machine was seized by Readymix plc who still have it and admit they are using it to blackmail the museum into doing what they want. We also got another Ford 1114 Duple.

In the National department three superb machines arrived by way of Western Welch 1575 which drove from Cambridge and Ribble 845 and Southdown 126 which drove from Glasgow.

Another new arrival in superb condition was VS 243. We look forward to going forward to have the finest museum in the world. What we have achieved by now is little short of amazing. Let us keep the world amazed!

Tony Mc Conn of Dualway donated three Daimler Fleetlines to us all in excellent condition. He has been without doubt the best supporter of the museum and deserves all our thanks.

Then recently we acquired Greater Manchester 4762/8762 one of the last Atlanteans built. In wonderful condition.

A superb piece of machinery was Bristol RE6LL Citybus 2531 in wonderful condition. John Montgomery of Translink was really brilliant in selecting her and having her in such perfect condition for us.


This has become a total nightmare and in one hour can destroy years of work. It is terrible. It seems worse in Ireland than anywhere in the world. When you cannot park a bus for a few hours without getting the windows broken then something is terribly wrong, indeed. No matter what we do we seem unable to avoid it. We are planning a new security system at the new depot but unfortunately there seems nothing will stop determined vandals.


The aim of the museum is to preserve in working order a complete collection of Buses and other vintage equipment. Having got about as many C.I.E. vehicles as we are likely to get we have now turned our attention to the international scene and have started on U.K. examples taking a number into stock this year. We now hope to have over 150 vehicles by the end of 2004 and 400 by the end of 2005.

We still have a major problem due to lack of man hours in having our fleet assessed. Part of the problem is that we have so many vehicles that the management do not have time to even assess them. Frankly, we do not have a clue what our vehicles are built of, i.e. which gearbox, axle, driveshaft, engine etc. We need a complete vehicle inventory for every vehicle so as to ensure we can obtain parts. No two vehicles are alike which is always a problem in a museum. We must also get workshop manuals but if we do not know what we have, we cannot know what manuals we need. Would some reader of this like to volunteer to be inventory Manager?

Just look at a simple statistic. With one hundred vehicles, in order to devote two hours to each, it would take five working weeks for one person doing nothing else.

But a bigger problem is with my health failing is how can the future of the museum be secured? Each year the solution to this problem becomes more urgent. Anyone with ideas please let us know.


This year we went to Cultra for the Bangor Rally. We took Bristol RE 2531 and she performed flawlessly. Francis Dempsey got her ready and he really did a superb job. See the photos on the website.

We went to Mogeely rally in 2003 and again this year. Next year we will go to Bangor again.


Many people have asked for photos of the various vehicles. It has not been possible up to this to reply to everyone. We now have a system whereby we can e-mail or post photos of any vehicles if we are asked. What we have done therefore is scrubbed all previous requests and we will start again and this time reply.

If you want any photos send your request by e-mail to busmuseum@hotmail.com and it will be dealt with generally within ten working days. Generally we intend posting all photos we have on the website.


There are two major problems in the museum. One is secure storage and the other is vandalism. This year already we have suffered severe vandalism and as a result have to rethink our entire storage policy as nothing seems safe anywhere.

There have been some major changes during the year in storage with more to come. Cork has taken over as the main depot and Ballinlough has been closed. Clonakilty is of course empty and Fota is almost empty. Abbeyleix will also close in the coming months will Ballyraggett leaving Dublin and Cork.

Readymix plc have told us that not alone are they not going to pay for the damage they did to the vehicles with their ash but they are holding one as security until we stop suing them! The damage is appalling and we have yet to find a means of getting the ash out of the vehicles. We have tried almost everything with M 42 and they might as well have poured concert on it. It is appalling and the amount of work necessary to return them to pristine condition is way beyond the resources of the museum and needs to be professionally done. Our latest cost estimate of the damage of almost €84,000. Readymix have made it clear they are run by a bunch of gangsters who will not do the honourable thing and pay and save us the expense and trouble of going to court. The amount of work for the cleanup is horrendous and there is no way we could do it. On the other hand the question of liability cannot be in doubt as you just cannot dump a spray of cement ash on top of your neighbours equipment. For the Directors to call themselves Irish is a travesty.

The current storage situation is:
Abbeyleix Secure Storage for 200 vehicles. All Vehicles going to Cork.
Ballinlough Site Sold. All vehicles moved to Kilkelly temporarily.
Cork City Storage for 400 vehicles and Heavy Maintenance. Will build workshop and undercover storage.
Clonakilty Site sold. All vehicles gone to new depot in Cork.
Dublin City Store and Light Maintenance. 10 Vehicles.
Kilkelly Temporary staging post where there are five Atlanteans, one VS and two BGs awaiting driving to Cork. This will empty by August 31, 2004.
Mullingar With Ballinlough on line and Rooskey empty this depot is now closed.
Rooskey Closed. All vehicles dispatched to Kilkelly and Cork.


We need every member we can get. All members on record are being sent membership cards through December 31, 2005. We would like to communicate with everyone by e-mail and are in the process of setting this up. We really welcome overseas members and it costs nothing so any overseas people reading this please contact us at busmuseum@hotmail.com.

We started sending membership cards out but I got sick and it ceased. I have started again. My apologies!


Our small management team at the moment consist of the following and anyone is welcome to join us in trying to run things as we need all the help we can get.

There is myself who gets blamed for everything. My background is transportation, law and engineering and fortunately I can and do drive the buses as well. However, how much longer I can drive for is unknown but it could come to a premature end.

Padraig Williamson is our Chief Engineer and his experience is invaluable. He has given his time freely. John Quirke is our Vice-President in the South and is based in Cork. John has been the source of very many valuable rare vehicles and has been wonderful.

Francis Dempsey is the Vehicle Manager and he looks after the vehicles extremely well. He also has been our most valuable asset in sourcing vehicles. Francis has done a superb job.

Eddie Hargroves who provides our storage, is our Patron.

And then there are the other members who have provided encouragement. Again I apologise for not being in contact with everyone and so many people have offered help but I have been ill a lot and simply have been unable to communicate directly. Please accept my apologies. But we do appreciate your membership.

We tried a new system where one or two members “adopt” a vehicle and look after it. It has not worked but if anyone or two want to adopt a vehicle, give us a call. We have plenty of vehicles.


Regrettably, there has been no cooperation at all this year. Both museums are now well established each doing their own thing. Howth is a transport museum whereas we are an operating bus museum. Our buses are all of a later vintage, though in one hundred years time the difference will be academic. It is an awful pity we do not work together more as eventually we will end up as one museum. There is certainly an argument for their approach to park everything for evermore as trying to do the opposite has cost us dearly. I predict that the day will come when the museums merge and it will not be long off.


One of the problems for the future is to earmark vehicles for preservation. One way I think is excellent is to operate the equipment and then retire it to the museum. Our operating end trades as Great Southern Railways Omnibus Services or GSR for short.

There was a disaster in 2002 as our two operating Managers, Cormac O’Connor of Kilbrittain and Denis Healy stole some €100,000 from the Company when they were supposed to be running it! They then stole our bus lifts, which I personally paid €16,000 for and owned and which still have not got back. One can stoop much lower than to steal a museums lifts. We need them.

But what O’Connor and Healy did was absolutely scandalous and has set us back years.

As mentioned in the last report, Denis Healy of Kilmichael stole our Dubrava and gave her to a young inexperienced driver who on taking it to Bandon had a fatal accident killing a 75 year old lady and injuring her daughter which was tragic, unnecessary and totally criminal. The Gardai effectively conspired at the court hearing and I was not even called as a witness. He got off light. In my view the Gardai were totally negligent in the way they handled this accident but then the Mc Carthys were locals! We got screwed!

Anyhow come September GSR will start again from Cork and this time we will keep a closer eye on things and we have no doubt it will be a valuable money spinner for the museum. But at the end of the day you have to trust people and the history of life shows that one will get caught, sooner or later and we did!

Our license application to run vehicles on the public road with passengers is currently being processed.


With a museum fleet and an operational fleet we had to devise a system to cover a most diverse group of vehicles. We use CIE Fleet classes for all their vehicles. For UK vehicles we will use either their last operator fleet number or their original fleet number. Where a vehicles has had many identities during its life it is very hard to know which registration and fleet number to use. This particularly applies to Stagecoach 793 but which carries XIA 857 but also had another UK registration. Generally we will use Northern Ireland Registrations in preference to UK Mainland but it is not a hard and fast rule.

Generally, if a vehicle is imported from the UK, it will carry its UK plates and not its Irish registration which is for customs purposes generally only. There is one major exception to this. All Guide Friday vehicles are referred to by their original UK number but carry their Irish plates. We intend restoring these to their UK plates though! With the change in the registration system in the U.K. we do not know now where to get original plates manufactured. Can anyone help?

But if it is a UK vehicle and is PSV’d in Ireland it must carry its Irish registration with the exception that when people want photos with its UK plates on. So we have sets of both plates and we will put either on for photos and runbys. You would never get away with that in the U.K. but fortunately this is Ireland.

If that does not totally confuse the reader then nothing will, but it shows the problems of a museum in classifying a very mixed fleet and trying to keep the vehicles original.

The total list of all classes for the current and prospective fleet is currently as follows: AA AEC Regent V MC Mercedes Citybus AT Leyland Atlantean (Generic) MD CIE DAF Leopard BA Bedford Alexander MG CIE GM Leopard BB Bristol Bedford MH Hispano Mercedes BG Bristol Gardner MM Mercedes Minibus(Not Bus Eireann) BM Bedford Marshall P Leyland OPS3 BT Bedford Truck PD Plaxton 3500 DAF C Leyland Leopard PSU3/4R PF Plaxton Panorama Daf CVH Cummins Van Hool Acron PL Plaxton Leyland D CIE Atlantean R Leyland Titan PD 2 DA DAF Alexander RA Leyland PD3 DB Mercedes Dubrava RE Bristol RE (non Bus Eireann DG Dodge RP Leyland Titan TD1/2/3 DX Daf Plaxton SC Scania Irizar Coach DVH Daf Van Hool Alizee SI Scania Irizar Express E Leyland Leopard L2 SJ Scania Jonckheere EI Aer Lingus Nationals SK Scania Ikarus EVH Cummins Express Van Hool Alizee SNG Crosville Leyland National FD Ford 1114 SR Scania Irizar Rural FL Daimler Fleetline SS Bedford SB 5 Schoolbus (CIE) FT Ford Transit ST Scania Tractor KC Bombardier City (Cummins) T Leyland Tiger TS6/TS11 KD Bombardier Decker (GM) TE Leyland Alexander Tiger (CIE) KE Bombardier Express (GM) TF Leyland Tiger TS 7 KR Bombardier Rural (DAF) TP Leyland Tiger TS6 Petrol LA Alexander Leopard TR Leyland Tiger (Non CIE) LD Leyland Duple U Leyland Royal Tiger LL Low Loaders VC Volvo Caetano Express LN Leyland National (Generic) VR Volvo Caetano Rural LP Leyland Leopard (Not Bus Eireann) VR Bristol VR LS Leyland Lynx (Bus Eireann) VS Volvo B 57 Schoolbus (CIE) LS London Transport National VV Volvo B10M (Not Bus Eireann) M Leyland Leopard PSU5 VW Volvo Wright


We need to know details of the liveries carried by all our vehicles when they were in service with dates, if possible. For example we have little knowledge whatsoever of what BM’s carried. Last year we asked if anyone knew and to date have not had even one response. We need on this class of vehicle details of their origins as it seems totally unknown. Please help!

We also welcome details of previous life and photographs of any of our ex UK vehicles in service and rely on our UK friends for this. We also welcome them as members and if for any reason they come to Ireland, please let us know in advance and we will be delighted to show you what we have. We now allow UK visitors to drive our vehicles – providing they can drive in the first place of course - and a number of our friends there have taken us up on the offer and hopefully had a good time when they came to us.


And so to the fleet. We do not know where the last year has gone as when one looks back one sees how little has been done yet a lot has been achieved. We certainly have quite a fleet by any standards. But what I have to say sounds like a broken or stuck record as even though we achieved a lot when I look over the list I realize what we have not done also!

One change in policy is that we now are concentrating on having at least two working examples of every model. This has meant scrapping some and trying now to take only good examples of a model unless there are very good historical reasons for doing otherwise.


BA 5
This vehicle has been repainted and awaits decals. It is in good operational order other than a defective alternator. We have taken her out recently and mechanically she is sound. She needs two wheels and tyres which we have in store. Stored Ballyraggett.

We have obtained the one and only Bedford turbo 500 engined, Plaxton Bodied Bristol LHS with a Bedford gearbox and axle. She drives but barely and needs engine work and a new head which we have obtained. What is interesting is that it is a vertical engine underfloor. It is the only vehicle of its type in the world. The body is excellent. We drove her to Cork depot during the year where she is stored.

BM 42
Running fine. Is getting two of the wheels from BM 23 to give her full complement. The windscreens were smashed while in Bus Eireann custody at Capwell. We have been unable to get new windscreens for it. Stored Cork.

BM 63
This vehicle was obtained during the year and has a perfectly sound body but no gearbox. Nobody knows the situation vis-ŕ-vis the engine. However we intend combining her with BM 42 to give one vehicle.

BM 72
No progress on this vehicle but appears OK and has no mechanical problems. It has forklift damage to rear underneath. Stored Dublin City.

BM 84
Running Fine. Stored Abbeyleix.

BM 86
Running Fine. Complete. It has been repainted. Stored Abbeyleix.

BM 100
Running Fine. Complete. Stored Abbeyleix.

We have collected a Bedford TK flatbed truck. Runs fine. Body terrible. Stored Cork. We drove it over and amazingly it started on the button and drove fine.

BTM 99
BTM 99 was moved from Donegal to Ardee and shortly will come to Cork. We will restore it for use as a tow wagon. It is missing a fuel pump at the moment and the rest of the mechanicals seem OK.

SS 90
This vehicle is in the St. Helens Museum of Transportation on loan and display.

SS 615
This vehicle is in Ardee and we plan to collect it shortly and take it to the depot.

SS 730
This vehicle is in on loan to Gary Manahan pending a swap for some other vehicles.

SS 782
This vehicle was driven to Abbeyleix and is in good condition.

SS 788
This vehicle was driven to Abbeyleix and while not as good as 782 is not in bad condition. Mechanically it is sound but the bodywork needs attention. This and 782 are unique in that only 31 of this Van Hool hideous Bedford SB5 were built and we have two running examples.


KC and KR Classes
These, as all other K’s, are unique Irish vehicles and we feel it vital that we preserve examples. We hope to acquire two in due course when they are retired. There is no immediate hurry.

KD 156
KD 156, a Bombardier double-decker, is in superb condition. This is in driver training layout. We took her on the to Bangor this year and she collapsed on the way back. She is getting a new engine and gearbox. We really owe it to John Mullen of Louth Commercials for his help and he is a true friend of preservation and we really thank him as without him she could have been lost.

KD 184
It is intended to return this machine it to its original glory in Heinz livery. It is the only surviving Cork KD. It needs some work and a gearbox. Stored Cork. We are trying to persuade Bus Eireann to give us parts but so far no luck. This will be another superb machine when restored . The amount of work is frightening. It has not been helped by the taking of parts off her since we bought her and we feel Bus Eireann have a duty to give us what they paid for but they maintain they can steal anything they like off a vehicle in their yard. We will see if this is a valid assumption.

KE Class
One of our more unusual projects is the “KE” project. We expect to have at least five operational but there is some work en route! First, these vehicles were made of rubbish. Trying to restore them, after they have been sitting derelict for many years makes restoration almost, but not impossible. While it may take to the next millennium, all the parts are there, and given time and money they can be made operational.


This is an Ulsterbus Alexander bodied RE 2180 and our latest acquisition. She will be restored in Ulsterbus livery. She is currently being collected and driven to Cork.

This is an Ulsterbus Alexander bodied RE 2187 and has suffered serious engine problems. This vehicle is stored in Abbeyleix pending removal to Cork for a new engine. To make matters worse prior to that someone broke into the yard and drove it damaging the rear but it is repairable. However it puts working on her on the long finger. It may be years before she is back on the road. Sad! Stored Abbeyleix.

BG 36 has been driven to Kilkelly awaiting transfer to Cork and is in A1 mechanical condition. She will be repainted into Bus Eireann livery and kept in this livery. She will carry Bus Eireann livery

This Citybus machine is one of our pride and joys and went to Bangor this year. She is currently stored in Dublin awaiting transfer to Cork and is in mint condition. She is deadly slow – 40 m.p.h. max.


DX 10
This is a 1981 Plaxton Supreme bodied DAF, 81 KK 162. Needs engine work but body excellent. It looks like piston trouble but it runs. We moved it to Cork depot during the year where it is stored.


We owe a tremendous debt to Tony Mc Conn of Dualway for providing us with our fleet of Daimler Fleetlines all in superb condition. They have done more than anyone else for us this year.

47 is a Northern Counties bodied Fleetline stored at Ballyraggett. In perfect condition.

6889 is a Northern Counties bodied West Midlands Fleetline stored at Dublin in perfect condition.

6965 is a Northern Counties bodied West Midlands Fleetline stored at Cork in perfect condition.


DG 16
This is a 25 seat Reeve Burgess bodied Dodge with Perkins engine. This has been stolen and we are still looking for it. The Gardai have been looking for two years and we find it difficult to imagine how they cannot find a bus. Registration is 84 C 3189. Probably a writeoff.

FORD R 1114

FD 7
This is a 1982 Duple bodied machine in good running and interior order. Came from service. Stored Cork.

FD 8
This is a 1982 Duple bodied machine in good running and interior order. It was donated by Ger Mackey of Dungourney to whom we are extremely grateful. . Needs some bodywork. Stored Cork.

FD 9
This is a Cork County Council mobile library and the only surviving Murphy of Dundalk bodied Ford. In excellent condition and driving around quote happily. It is in superb condition and drives well – for a Ford that is – and is stored at Cork. We plan to use her as a mobile office due to her library interior.



An Alexander bodied AN 68 open topper in perfect condition stored Kilkelly.

An East Lancs bodied AN 68 open topper in perfect condition stored East Wall.

An Northern Counties bodied AN 68 closed vehicle in perfect condition stored East Wall.

An East Lancs bodied AN 68 open topper in perfect condition stored Kilkelly

An Northern Counties bodied AN 68 open topper in perfect condition stored Ballyraggett.

An Alexander bodied AN 68 open topper in perfect condition stored Ballyraggett.

An Northern Counties bodied AN 68 open topper in perfect condition stored Kilkelly.

A Roe bodied AN 68 open topper in perfect condition stored Kilkelly.

An East Lancs bodied AN 68 open topper in perfect condition stored Kilkelly.

The Guide Friday buses came in three liveries and we will keep at least one in each. Nottingham 589 and 616 are gone to the depot in Ballinlough. 589 is in the later Black and Orange livery whereas 616 is in Black and Gold. 278 and 12 are in red Dublin Tours livery and 4762 is in white. The Roe is purple Guide Friday and the remainder red Dublin Tours livery with variations.

D 665
This is a Dublin Bus open topper and in superb condition. When we took her to Arklow last year she performed beautifully. Mechanically she is excellent. We have her stored all winter undercover in Arklow and shortly she will be moved to Cork.

D 711
D 711 is in a bad way as it has been severely vandalised. It has no windows but we have a complete set. As it is an original Leyland and a Cork vehicle we are reluctant to see this vehicle scrapped. It is mechanically complete and we now intend rebuilding it once we get our workshop in Cork ready.. The engine turned over quite readily. Stored Dublin City.


This ECW bodied 680 engined Leopard CKE 170Y had just been fully restored when a tractor-trailer in the yard in Cork caught the front of her and pulled it off. There is at least €10,000 of damage but it is covered by insurance. It is a real tragedy after we put so much into her. The real problem is that we cannot get parts so are not sure what we will do. Ex London Traveller.

An Alexander bodied Ulsterbus stored at Newtownabbey.

E 68
An CIE bodied Leopard L2 stored Cork. Needs some work but it is in excellent mechanical condition.

LA 6
In excellent condition. Badly vandalised with broken windows while stored Innishannon. Trying to get replacement windows as otherwise OK. We expect to get windows shortly from a donor vehicle.

LA 13
In excellent condition. Stored Cork. Driving perfectly. Seats out now for interior body refurbishment.

LA 29
This vehicle has historic significance as an Ulsterbus vehicle and it is planned to drive her shortly to Dublin to be assessed by Ricky Shannon with a view to a group of northern enthusiasts taking her on to restore to original Ulsterbus colours. This would be a very worthwhile project and we are 100% behind it. Stored Causeway. Still planning to drive it to Dublin.

LA 37
In excellent condition. We drove this from Abbeyleix to Dublin and it performed first class. She is now undergoing full restoration to Bus Eireann livery at the yard in Dublin. Mechanically she is fine and will be a suitable candidate for rallying. She is under the watchful eyes of Padraig for restoration. The paneling has been redone and she is now ready for painting . She will probably go to Cork for this.

M 8
This vehicle is in superb condition and has been moved to the yard in Dublin for a repaint. On the run it broke an engine mount which will be replaced shortly. It is one of the few Leyland engined survivors. She is currently being repainted into the chocolate and brown livery under the watchful eye of Des and Francis. Mechanically she runs well. The replacement paneling is almost complete. On the button. Stored Dublin.

MD 25
This vehicle is on decision. The body is very poor. Because of her historical significance we will probably restore her.

MD 35
This is in perfect condition apart from a knackered engine with a crack in the block. We have got an engine off another M and it will be put in shortly. Other than that the vehicle is in perfect condition and looks well.

MD 42
This is another new arrival and suffered vandalism while at Bus Eireann. We have totally rebuilt her and she now needs a coat of paint and repair to the boot damage caused when she was lent back to Bus Eireann. Mechanically it is perfect. It has boot damage caused by Bus Eireann after we had her. We take her out regularly and she is on the button. Stored Cork.

MG 56
Was in perfect mechanical condition but suffered vandalism with all the windows smashed while in Bus Eireann custody. She is totally rebuilt and she now needs a coat of paint. On the button. Stored Cork.

MG 76
Another new arrival. Suffered serious window damage before delivery and the half shaft fell out on the road. We have rebuilt the drive shaft, put in all the windows except the windscreen and she is now on the button. This a good machine and was always a good performer. Stored Cork.

MD 80
This vehicle has seats but no half shafts. Body is poor. She will, however, be restored. Stored Abbeyleix.

MD 82
This vehicle is in Abbeyleix and needs two side windows and half shafts. Should be excellent mechanically. This was Patsy Quinn’s bus to Charleville for many years and he is helping us in making sure the restoration is authentic. She will be kept in orange and red which was the only livery she ever wore. Patsy is kind enough to help us to ensure that she is as original.

MD 91
This vehicle is in Causeway minus gearbox and half shafts which are promised. It has broken windows. A candidate for scrapping.

MG 106
This vehicle is complete. We do not know what we will do with her. She has an excellent MG engine and gearbox but the body is not so good. Stored Cork.

MD 117
This vehicle has no seats and no full back window and no windscreens but is mechanically sound other than a lift pump. It is stored in Cork. This vehicle will be used for parts. This vehicle will definitely be scrapped. She was vandalised at Tramore Road and we are suing the vandaliser who is a businessman.

MD 132
This vehicle was driving fine until Bus Eireann recovered her thinking she was theirs. They took off the brakes and we are waiting them putting them back. It is sickening to think that we had in our possession a perfect M and they took it, by mistake as they said, and did a lot of damage. They promised to fix the damage and did nothing. Eventually for her safety we took her to the depot where she is complete but needs some minor mechanical work and brake work. When she is restored she will do a Cork to Bantry commemorative run as she was the railway replacement bus for years in the care of Denis Galvin who we hope will drive her again for that run.

MD 182
This vehicle is complete. It is in good shape. On the button but missing a drive shaft. Stored Abbeyeix.

MD 192
This vehicle had a bad accident to the rear but is otherwise complete. It has no lift pump. We will take it from Capwell to Cork shortly.

MG 212
This vehicle is in superb condition but has no first gear. This vehicle was taken to Swords where it is stored. It had the rear window destroyed there and we now have to replace that. We are trying to decide what to do about the gearbox problem.


We plan eleven operational Bus Eireann Leopards in the seven colours they operated in, as well as a high front Coach Leopard. There will be a certain thinning out of what we have as certain ones mainly M 91, M106, M 117, M 192 are designated for scrapping for parts.

They following is the plan:
(1) Red and White MD 42 MG 56 MD 132
(2) Red and Orange MD 82 MD 182
(3) Red and Cream MG 76
(4) Brown and Cream M 8
(5) Expressway MD 35 MG 212
(6) Dark Green MD 80
(7) Yellow. MD 25


Already we have some superb specimens. The following is a potted history. For historic reasons we have categorized these into LS, SNG and others. LN refers to generic Nationals.

We are well on our way to the fifty Nationals we want to acquire. We have a wide variety of engines now, 510, Gardner, Cummins. Volvo, TL 11 and have both Mk 1 and Mk 2. We would hope to acquire now from the pool in the UK of good vehicles which are being retired. We do not know what to do with the library vehicles as we have too many of that type for a museum so if any of our UK friends want to do a swap we would be delighted to facilitate them. One each in both liveries plus the Ford would represent Cork County Council sufficiently. We hope to have two more, hence our offer to swap.

This is the second of two Stagecoach vehicles. It is a rebuilt Mk I with a Cummins engine and automatic box and thanks to Stagecoach looks like the day she was delivered. She was originally Sussex Central and her last UK registration was XIA 857. She also carried the registration PKP 548R.

793 is in Stagecoach (Devon) livery and we plan to keep it in that as a tribute to our friends in Stagecoach who were so good as to enable us to have her. Her body is excellent and we will get a current MOT and PSV. She has registration 76 C 999.

I should say that the help Stagecoach has given is fantastic and in particular pay tribute to Les Wednesford, their Managing Director in Perth and Mark Horide their Engineering Manager in Exeter. When I went to drive it back, they had her ready, immaculate and could not have been more helpful. We seek now their help to get a VR and a Fleetline next. They really keep their equipment superbly. Thanks, Stagecoach!

This is a 680 Western Welsh vehicle which was kindly donated by Brian Ainsworth in Cambridge from where she was driven to Cork. In fine condition, We will restore her to Western Welsh livery.

LN 23
GVV 887N is an United Counties machine with 510 engine. Awaiting collection in London.

LN 24
WPG 217M is a Greenline machine with high back seats and a 510 engine. Awaiting collection in London.

LN 27
KPA 369P is an Alder Valley machine with 510 engine.

SNG 353
This is Crosville SNG 353 and is in Aer Lingus livery. We were going to scrap her but she motors superbly and we are now looking to see if we can do something with her. She has no seats. Her Aer Lingus number was 191 and she was never registered in Ireland. Stored Cork.

SNG 378
This is Crosville SNG 378 and is in Midland Red livery of Red and Cream. Her Gardner engine is knackered and we have just got an engine for her which we were installing when that bastard O’Connor had her sent to a field. We recovered her but still have to put in an engine.

Her body is excellent and she will get an MOT and PSV and be used. She will eventually be restored to Crosville colours. The problem with Crosville colours is that they looked terrible in later years and this vehicle never appeared in the nice Crosville livery. She certainly looks well in Midland Red colours and it may well be best to leave her in that. This vehicle is a Mark 1 and is in superb condition with 52 seats. She will be used in service for a few years and for carrying tourists.

SNG 409
Formerly Crosville SNG 409 and in Aer Lingus livery. She is mechanically fine but needs a set of seats which we have now got. The body is good. We have not decided what livery to keep her in but probably Aer Lingus. She has no Irish registration. We might double her as a spares vehicle owing to her empty interior. We need to have a recovery cum support vehicle.

LS 2
This is a 510 engined London Transport LS2 in Aer Lingus livery and is the oldest London Transport Machine in existence. Mike Nash, who has been the most helpful person imaginable, was anxious to have her for the London Transport Collection and we have agreed to swap her for another vehicle. She is in Dublin and will shortly be headed for London. We had hope to get her there by last September but still have not done so as she needs a low loader. It would overtax her to drive her. Mike must be wondering if he will ever see her but I guarantee he will even if a year or two late. Thanks for your patience Mike!

LS 57
This is a 510 engined London Transport and was used by Cork County Council as a mobile library. Registration is 76 C 248. This is in the original yellow livery and will be kept as such. We should thank the Council maintenance section who have been wonderful to us and kept the vehicles in such superb condition. Everyone in the garage is to be congratulated which is more than can be said for the Councillors.

It is interesting to note that when we wanted to acquire the vehicles we asked the Councillors and the County Manager for help. The Council staff did nothing. The reaction of the politicians was interesting. Two wrote back after they were sold when they could do nothing. The rest did not even bother to reply. One would have expected the politicians on the library committee to have been more civic minded but then there are no votes in preserved library buses! Now that we have three preserved we hope they will help on the other two but we have our doubts as civic mindedness is rare in Cork County Council.

The Council staff did not mind the museum being screwed, as we were financially, in acquiring them! It is the same everywhere you go in Ireland. The public representatives and the state bodies do not give a damn about their heritage and put every obstacle in ones way. They should all be ashamed of themselves. Contrast this with the attitude of Stagecoach above. This vehicle is stored at Cork.

LS 91
This is a 510 engined London Transport and was used by Cork County Council as a mobile library. Registration is 77 C 292. This vehicle is a candidate for scrapping as we need a spare engine, gearbox and pod. Her gearbox has only fourth, fifth and reverse gears! Stored Cork.

LS 118
This is a 510 engined London Transport and was used by Cork County Council as a mobile library. She has the “modern” livery of yellow red and blue and will be kept as such. Registration is 78 C 313. Stored Cork.

LS 129
This is a 510 engined London Transport and was used by Cork County Council as a mobile library. She has been stolen by Readymix who now have her. But we will get her back. Registration is 78 C 325.


This a Southdown vehicle kindly donated by Ross Aitken who drove her form Glasgow to Newry from whence we took her to Cork. In superb condition. Registration is OUF 933W. It will be restored to Southdown livery. At the moment it carries Glasgow Citybus livery but never entered service even though freshly painted.

This is a Stagecoach vehicle. It is a L11 engined Cumberland Motor Services 392 and is currently in Stagecoach (Midland Red) livery as 802. Her body is excellent, we have been using her for passenger work and she has full MOT and PSV. She took the Merseyside Bus Group around when they visited us. Registered 82 D 2899 and/or SHH 392X.


R 827
We were fortunate to acquire this vehicle during the year and she is in excellent mechanical and interior condition but badly needs a repaint which she will get shortly. Our thanks go to Richard Lee and John Quirke for enabling us to have this vehicle. We hope Richard will drive her for us for many a year to come as it is really his bus because he put so much into it. Thanks, Richard. Stored Innishannon. She is due next into the paint shop as she desperately needs a repaint and looks very scruffy.

R 913
Pride of our fleet is R 913 a 1948 Leyland OPS3 rebuilt and rebodied in 1962 as a Park Royal bodied PD3/1A Special. It is immaculate. The uniqueness of this example is that it was originally a P and was rebodied as an R. Equally unique is the fact that the rebody was a Park Royal. It is fun to drive with vacuum brakes, crash gearbox and manual steering! This is one of our current rally machines. It is a superb example. It is in original CIE cream and blue. Currently stored Dublin but going to Ballinlough shortly.


TR 1
This a Leyland TL 11 engined Royal Tiger with 53 seat Plaxton Paramount 3500 body. The engine needs work but it still drives nicely. Stored Cork.


A left hand drive Nefkens vehicle which was so kindly donated by George Mc Ivor of Donaghmore. She was collected from East Midlands Airport on July 8, 2004 and driven to Swansea where she took the ferry to Cork where she joined her sister 1179. She is Nefkens 48 (VAD 1748). Immaculate.

A sister left hand drive Nefkens vehicle which was also kindly donated by George Mc Ivor of Donaghmore and driven from Nottingham to Cork where she is one of our star performers. Immaculate and gleaming.

This vehicle have a very interesting history. Part of a batch of export “Leopards”, 10.8m long they were delivered to Nefkens and served in Amersfoot their entire Dutch lives. They were subsequently acquired by VAD who took over Nefkens. They then were sold to Servisair and served them at East Midlands Airport until we got them. We plan one in the Nefkens livery and one in Servisair livery. They are the first of our left hookers! May we have many more! They are in airport internal configuration with side seats and luggage racks. See the website for photos. Both have standard Leyland 680 engines. Servisair at East Midlands Airport really kept them like new and Phil Sentance and Derek Wright deserve great credit.


DB Class
We have three Czech Mercedes Dubrava 53 seaters. Two were stolen, vandalized and effectively destroyed. One is for Spares. We had spent a fortune getting one ready for MOT when she was involved in the fatal accident referred to earlier. Think we will try and find a reasonably good one somewhere and use these for spares as this seems the only sensible solution. Bastards O’Connor and Healy really dealt the museum a bodyblow when they cause these to be destroyed and it is difficult to understand how anyone could suffer such mental depravity as to do what they did to Irish heritage. Sick is the only word for it. Registrations are 89 TS 1159, 89 LS 1669 and 89 C 18900. The latest is that all three are unfortunately writeoffs and there is little point trying to do anything with them.

MM 14
This is a 1989 Mercedes 406 minibus with 15 seats. Currently with MOT and in excellent condition. Will keep its PSV. Registration is 89 MN 414. We will use this in GSR to generate money. Stored Cork.

MM 15
This is a 1983 Mercedes706 minibus with 20 seats. Currently with MOT and in excellent condition. Will keep its PSV. Registration is ZF 608. This vehicle was stolen and while writing this report we have been informed by the Gardai that they have located it in perfect condition. We hope so! We are collecting it shortly.


SJ 9
This is our one and only Scania and has a Jonckheere 53 seat body. It suffered also from bastard trouble and has a blown engine but we are getting a new one, putting it in and will get an MOT and PSV for this vehicle which is in top class condition. At Urlingford.

ST 1
This is our Scania113-360 tractor unit for pulling the low loader and is registered 93 RN 1608 and has been working daily on outside work to earn her keep as a recovery vehicle.


VS 43
This vehicle is being broken up in Cork for parts.

VS 136
This vehicle is being assessed in Cork. Possibly it and 177 can be merged to be one vehicle.

VS 177
See VS 136. We have received no help from Bus Eireann in getting other examples for spares.

VS 178
This vehicle is driving fine. Stored Cork.

VS 243
This vehicle is in superb condition and is stored at Kilkelly awaiting transfer to Cork.

VS COMMENTS We need a few more VS’s as these are unique. Bus Eireann are literally paying to have them taken away while we offered to pay for them. It is a crying shame and maybe somebody reading this can do something. They actually took perfect VS from Cork to Louth when we were crying out for them. The mentality of people who will allow this to happen and destroy our heritage beggars belief. It is impossible to understand why the people at Bus Eireann deliberately go out of their way to savage preservationist. Instead of being Irish and helping preserve our Irish heritage, they do the opposite.


LL 1
This is our special bus low loader, almost brand new and registered BE 4460. She has three axles including a lift axle as well as electric ramps and has a floor up to twelve feet wide and can carry vehicles with long tail overhangs as the ramps go flat. Ideal for M’s! We put tyres and a battery in her, fixed the clutch and she is now in A1 condition and working daily. BTM 99 will be delivered shortly.


Dualway kindly donated a Dennis tow truck to us ex Guide Friday. It was a very generous gesture.

WEB SITE AND e-mail Our website is now one of the best in the business and has had over 8,000 hits which is very satisfying. Its address is www.kellstransportmuseum.com. We had two tragedies in the year due to website vandalism. The first was that someone hacked into the site and destroyed it. It took three months to rebuild and we had to start from scratch though in the end it was probably better as we could reorganize it the way we wanted and based on experience, as when we first did it we had not a clue. We are still not finished as photographs take a long time to put in. It is now a fine site the equal of anywhere and with wide variety.

We have added a section on railways of the World starting with Irish Rail. This is popular with everyone except Irish Rail and if you look at it you will see why. It features dirty Irish Rail as a major portion.

Amongst other sections we have added is one on the railways of the Peru in which the webmaster has been involved. These photographs have been taken by the author and should be very difficult to better. The railways involved are the Central Railway (FCCA), the Southern Railway and The Cusco and Santa Ana (PeruRail) and the Huancayo and Huancavelica Railway (ENAFER).v We plan to add sections on Amtrak, Norwegian Railways, British Railways, Danish Railways, German Railways and Swiss Railways. Next in should be the White Pass and Yukon, another of the webmasters favourites.

Another involvement of the webmaster is Chalks Airlines of Fort Lauderdale the oldest scheduled airline in the world running the oldest fleet of 63 year old unique Grumman Mallard Flying Boats from Fort Lauderdale to Bimini and Paradise Island. A complete set of photographs of these unique machines is also on the website.

In addition there is a section of a GM 8366, a 680 engined open top Atlantean which the webmaster helps to maintain for its owners in Nassau in the Bahamas. This is a unique machine in a unique location and the photographs are very interesting.

Then we have special sections from time to time such as Setra buses in North America, Rallies, you name it. Anything we think might be of interest to the reader.

The site seems to be popular and it is satisfying to know that the new site seems to register 100 hits per day now which is a tribute to it.

Then the bulletin board was attacked and destroyed. Somebody got the password and contacted the server people and told them we did not need it anymore and to cancel it which they promptly did. Again this has been re-done and we have changed all the passwords and security but why, oh, why? Somebody is very jealous to think they would go that trouble to destroy what we do. Apart from that it is just mean.

Equally some of the contributions to the message board have been totally scurrilous and it is a matter of personal shame to me that it only happens in Ireland. For some reason the Irish preservation movement has a small number of begrudgers who seem to want to stop at nothing to destroy everyone else. If we remove them we are accused of censorship and if I leave them there it makes Irish preservation look unprofessional and as if everyone here was fighting each other. It is Catch 22. We forget our site is read worldwide.

Do contribute to the message board. It is a means of instant communication between members and gives everyone a chance to participate. Our e-mail is busmuseum@hotmail.com. Any of us can be contacted through it. We try and update the message board three tiems a week with the latest news so you know what is going on at the museum.

Regrettably, owing to illness the site has not been kept up to date during the year but a major effort is now underway and the results should appear shortly. We will try and keep the photographs up to date as we have a fantastic collection of photos of all our vehicles. We welcome and appreciate photos by readers of the vehicles when they were in service and we can scan them and return the original undamaged.


“We cannot figure these people out. They insist on taking two wheels off our buses and then throw the wheels away. They have been absolutely mean and have been no help whatsoever. Some of the tyres they have given us are so bad you would not put them on a farm trailer. They call themselves the Irish Dunlop Company but they do nothing for Irish preservation. Please Dunlops can we have some wheels and worn tyres? Why throw things away that we need . How can you justify giving us four wheels for a six wheel bus? Are you that broke you have to take away two wheels off your buses?” We said this last year and they have shown total indifference. You would have thought they might do something but they could not care less. The only good thing is that they will shortly lose their Bus Eireann contract. GENERAL

Coming from absolutely no buses four years ago we can feel proud of what has been accomplished. I am egotistical enough to feel that in our niche of ex CIE vehicles, we have the finest collection available. Our M collection is unequalled and our National and Atlantean collection is rapidly becoming the finest in Europe.

Irish buses have unique bodies. If we plan to have an operating museum in fifty years time we must stockpile parts at this time and need the help of Bus Eireann which we are not getting. We appeal to them to give us the support we need. Is anyone listening?


We would like to thank Ger Corcoran of Corcoran towing in Portlaoise who rescued 2187. We also thank John Fitzpatrick of Fitzpatrick Recovery Services in Cork for helping us in the collection of vehicles. They have been more than decent.

Thanks Swansea Cork Ferries and Des Morrissey for helping us get our buses home from the UK. In addition to Des we must thank Tony at Ringaskiddy and Peter O’Sullivan at Swansea. A good outfit to do business with and support them when you can. They are true friends of Cork. You have no idea how they have helped the museum with special rates and looking after us and they are true preservers of the Irish heritage. In particular Peter O’Sullivan in Swansea has always looked after us and thanks. I would also like to thank the crew on the boat and the pursers John Burford and Claire Gorman as well as the restaurant staff who feed me so well.

Mike Nash has been so patient it is unbelievable. He has put up with a lot from us and is another true friend of preservation. I do not know how he puts up with me without complaining. We, in turn, will see that, eventually, he gets LS 2 safe and sound at Cobham. She is well looked after in Dublin. Thanks, Mike.

John Mullen as always is thanked and without him we would be lost. We very much appreciate what he is doing for KD 156 as we could not do it. Thank you John from all the museum. Very few people know how much John has done for preservation in Ireland. He and his staff were superb. We hope to have 156 back shortly with her new engine and gearbox.

We would like to thank Brian Ainsworth for his kind donation of Western Welsh 1575. To say he was helpful is an understatement and if they had not helped she would have been vandalized.

We would like to also thank Ross Aitken. He even drove his two wonderful Nationals RIL 9168 and OUF 933W to Dublin for us. Thank you very much for allowing us to have them.

Then there is George Mc Ivor in the North who donated 1178 and 1179 and he has been a brick. Thanks George. Those Nefkens are simply wonderful and we appreciate it.

Andy Cooper in Sheffield has been helpful and we hope he looks after the two Heuliez, our gift to him. We could not get them home so it is good that someone is preserving them. Adrian and David Thorpe in Ballyraggett have looked after our machines well. We are very obliged to them for allowing us to use their place as storage and it is much appreciated.

John and Sean Fleming are to be thanked for their help in Ballinlough looking after the machines and helping us to move them around the country. Joe and Francis Goggins in the East Wall yard deserve thanks for looking after the vehicles so well as does Mike and Tom Hogan.

Paddy Kennedy of Bus Eireann in Limerick deserves a special vote of thanks for his help.

We are very grateful to Dualway and Stagecoach as noted earlier. They went way beyond the call of duty to see that the vehicles were prepared for their long journeys home. Tony Mc Conn and his staff in Dualway and Les Wednesford and all his colleagues in Stagecoach are true friends of Irish preservation. A special tribute must go to Tommy Masterson of Dualway for his help.

A newcomer to the thank you list is John Cotter who has enthusiastically helped us with establishing the museum at the new depot in Cork. Only for him we would never have the new depot.

The we must not forget Paul Allen and Willie Sheehan of Motorway Parts and Accessories. As far as we can see Paul has decided to forgo all profit in dealing with us as he has been more than decent in the prices he charges us for equipment and consumables. Support his store on the Kinsale Road opposite Woodies. He needs other customers to make money from! In return we are going to help Willie learn how to drive!

One person who deserves a tremendous vote of gratitude is John Quirke who was instrumental in getting us our M collection and LA 13 and only for him they would never have been saved. Equally Richard Lee has done wonders over enabling us to use R 827. We also thank David and Adrian Thorpe who have helped us with BA 5 and with Nottingham 612. Eddie Hargroves, our patron, deserves a special vote of thanks as it is thanks to him that we have a vandal proof storage area. He is a good friend and without his help a number of buses would have been lost.

But the main tribute must go to Francis Dempsey, Vehicles Manager, and Padraig Williamson, Chief Engineer, who stuck with it and worked long and hard to help get the fleet together. They have been superb and without them we really would not have a museum. Look in the photos!

I am sure I have left someone out and there have been many people who did a bit here and there and we thank them all, and of course the members. We need more members especially from the UK and Europe.

Finally I apologise for what I did not get done but I was ill during the year. This is not going to get better and, unfortunately, it is doubtful how much longer I can drive. So we must rush like crazy to get everything delivered before I stop! The brutal fact is that age catches up with one. The spirit may be willing but the flesh becomes weak! But even if we stopped in the morning we could be proud of what we have. The real crunch is what do about he museum after I snuff it! Right now I am no longer as mobile as I wish and it is definite that this will not improve.

So let us see what this next twelve months brings. All I want for Christmas is one RT, one RM and two or three Bristol VR’s plus of course the usual collection of Fleetlines and Atlanteans with a smattering of Leopards, RE’s and Bedfords. A PD 2 or 3 would also be great! A 400 bus museum is a massive undertaking. I do not know of any other one in Europe as large. Maybe we are all crazy but if someone does not preserve them they are gone for ever. We all have a duty to future generations to preserve what we can of this generation. Hopefully the Kells Transport Museum will help achieve this.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Michael Grimes Chairman


BA5 BEDFORD YLQ Alexander 76 D 74 330
BB1 BRISTOL LHL Plaxton 78 C 152 500
BG 36 BRISTOL RELL Alexander 77 C 813 Gardner
2187 BRISTOL RELL6G Alexander 77 LH 519 ROI 2187 Gardner
2531 BRISTOL RELL6G Alexander 77 LH 519 AXI 2531 Gardner
BM 23 BEDFORD SB5 Marshall 79 D 244 Bedford
BM 42 BEDFORD SB5 Marshall 78 D 191 Bedford
BM 63 BEDFORD SB5 Marshall 80 D 529 Bedford
BM 72 BEDFORD SB5 Marshall 78 D 328 Bedford
BM 84 BEDFORD SB5 Marshall 78 D 362 Bedford
BM 86 BEDFORD SB5 Marshall 78 D 364 Bedford
BM 100 BEDFORD SB5 Marshall 78 D 845 Bedford
BTL 1 BEDFORD TK Bedford LSI 528 500
BTM 99 BEDFORD TM Bedford 500
KD 156 BOMBARDIER Bombardier 156 JZL Detroit Diesel
KD 184 BOMBARDIER Bombardier 184 JZL Detroit Diesel
KE X 5 BOMBARDIER Bombardier Detroit Diesel
PF 10 DAF Plaxton 81 KK 162 DAF
LL 1 EURO Low Loader BE 4460
47 DAIMLER FLEETLINE Northern Counties 80 D 1163 GTO 47V Gardner
W. Midlands 6886 DAIMLER FLEETLINE W. Midlands 78 D 1015 TUP 889S Gardner
W. Midlands 6965 DAIMLER FLEETLINE W. Midlands 78 D 1015 TUP 889S Gardner
DG 16 DODGE Reeve Burgess 84 C 3189 Perkins
FD 7 FORD 1114 Duple 82 D 2571 Ford
FD 8 FORD 1114 Duple 82 C 1941 Ford
FD 9 FORD 1114 Murphy 211 JIF Ford
Brighton 12 LEYLAND ATLANTEAN. East Lancs 78 KE 566 TYJ 12S. 680
Warrington 20 LEYLAND ATLANTEAN. East Lancs 80 D 1371 MEK 20W 680
S. Yorkshire 47 LEYLAND ATLANTEAN. Roe 78 D 921 XWG 647T 680
Aberdeen 278 LEYLAND ATLANTEAN. Alexander 80 G 704 HRS 278V 680
Nottingham 589 LEYLAND ATLANTEAN East Lancs 74 KE 528 GRC 889N 680
Nottingham 612 LEYLAND ATLANTEAN East Lancs 75 KE 527 MAU 612P 680
Nottingham 616 LEYLAND ATLANTEAN Alexander 75 KE 526 MAU 616P 680
Nottingham 662 LEYLAND ATLANTEAN N. Counties 78 KE 547 XNN 662S 680
D 665 LEYLAND ATLANTEAN Van Hool 665 ZO 680
D 711 LEYLAND ATLANTEAN Van Hool 711 ZO 680
LA 6 LEYLAND LEOPARD Alexander 75 D 70 680
LA 13 LEYLAND LEOPARD Alexander 75 D 79 680
LA 21 LEYLAND LEOPARD Alexander 76 D 110 680
LA 29 LEYLAND LEOPARD Alexander 75 D 101 680
LA 37 LEYLAND LEOPARD Alexander 77 D 824 680
LP 4 LEYLAND LEOPARD Leyland 82 C 2154 CKE 170Y 680
M 8 LEYLAND LEOPARD Leyland 8 IK 680
MD 35/42 LEYLAND LEOPARD Leyland 35/42 IK DAF
MG 56/76 LEYLAND LEOPARD Leyland 56/76IK Detroit Diesel
MD 80/82/91 LEYLAND LEOPARD Leyland 80/82/91 IK DAF
MG 106 LEYLAND LEOPARD Leyland 106 IK Detroit Diesel
MD 117/132/182 LEYLAND LEOPARD Leyland 117/132/182 IK DAF
MG 190 LEYLAND LEOPARD Leyland 190 IK Detroit Diesel
MG 212 LEYLAND LEOPARD Leyland 212 IK Detroit Diesel
Southdown 126 NATIONAL Leyland OUF 933W 680
Stagecoach 793 LEYLAND NATIONAL Leyland XIA 857 Cummins
Cumberland 802 LEYLAND NATIONAL Leyland 82 D 2899 SHH 392X L11
Ribble 845 LEYLAND NATIONAL Leyland RIL 9168 680
LS 57 LEYLAND NATIONAL Leyland 76 C 248 KJD 557P 510
LS 91 LEYLAND NATIONAL Leyland 77 C 292 OJD 891R 510
LS 118 LEYLAND NATIONAL Leyland 78 C 313 THX 119S 510
SNG 353 LEYLAND NATIONAL Leyland CFM 353S Gardner
SNG 378 LEYLAND NATIONAL Leyland 78 LH 540 GMB 378T Gardner
SNG 409 LEYLAND NATIONAL Leyland 76 C 999 LMA 409T Gardner
R 827 LEYLAND PD 2 CIE CYI 827 600
R 913 LEYLAND PD 3 Park Royal NZE 922 600
DB 11 MERCEDES Dubrava 89 TS 1159 Mercedes
DB 12 MERCEDES Dubrava 89 LS 1669 Mercedes
DB 13 MERCEDES Dubrava 89 C 18900 Mercedes
MM 14 MERCEDES 406 89 MN 414 Mercedes
MM 15 MERCEDES 706 ZF 608 Mercedes
SJ 9 SCANIA K 113 Jonckheere BIN 303 Scania
SS 90 BEDFORD SB 5 CIE PZO 90 Bedford
SS 615 BEDFORD SB5 CIE 615 ZI Bedford
SS 730 BEDFORD SB5 CIE 730 ZI Bedford
SS 782 BEDFORD SB5 CIE 782TYI Bedford
SS 788 BEDFORD SB5 Van Hool 788 TYI Bedford
ST 1 SCANIA 113 360 93RN1809 Scania
TR 1 LEYLAND TIGER Royal Doyen 84 C 3663 JUI 3085 Volvo
VS 43 VOLVO B 57 NZ Motor Body 81 D 1586 Volvo
VS 136 VOLVO B 57 NZ Motor Body 82 D 2368 Volvo
VS 177 VOLVO B 57 NZ Motor Body 82 D 2457 Volvo
VS 178 VOLVO B 57 NZ Motor Body 82 D 2489 Volvo
VS 243 VOLVO B 57 NZ Motor Body 83 D 3902 Volvo


In 2004 we have lots of plans and hope to get some rare and unique vehicles.

These include:

Some Bristol VR
LT Routemaster
LT RT maybe.
More VS
More Bombardiers
More Nationals
More Leopards
More Atlanteans
More Fleetlines
More Anything!
Three Bendibuses
Some Continentals.


If you have a preserved vehicle we will look after it for free for you. You will have access to it as long as you live and will be able to drive it, take it to rallies, in fact do anything you like with it. The only condition is that when you die the vehicle passes to the museum. This way you have the benefit of the vehicle in your lifetime without the costs and when you die you know it will be preserved.


CALL 00-353-(0)87-240-5550