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August 20, 2004. Deelis Bridge Power generating station is one of the original turf burning stations in Ireland built in 1948.

This page is devoted to the saga of the acquisition of Deelis Bridge Power station for preservation by the museum.

It first consists of photographs which is then followed by news record as it happens.

It was decommissioned two years ago and the ESB propose spending the taxpayers money destroying and demolishing it.

We want to preserve it as with the preserved Kells Railway station we could run a steam railway between the two, put the transport museum in its grounds and have one of the finest tourist attractions in the country. The ESB to date have told us to get lost.

It beggars belief that they would want to spend all that money when they can be rid of it for one euro and at the same time help presreve Ireland's heritage. They just are Philistines.

I wrote to every director and not one of them bothered to reply. They seem to regard their job as a political perk and they do not have to have an original thought in their head nor answer their mail. I have written again pointing out that as guardians fo taxpayers money they do not have the luxury to be ignorant and rude. I asked them what their personal views were but I am not holding my breath waiting for their reply.

I got a letter from Barry Hutch and from Padraig Mc Manus and if that is the way they talk in meetings then the ESB must be a wonder of communication as I never saw such codswallop in my life. Talk of using the english language at length to say nothing! They are masters!

So the campaigning to save it starts in earnest today and there will be radio, TV broadcasts as well as newspaper articles. I have also written to the politicians and a key factor will be the support of Minister John O'Donoghue, the local T.D. I also intend doing a personal letter to all the people of Cahersiveen and the surrounding areas. It is a disgrace that these people can behave like this and destroy our heritage. Anyhow, we will see what happens.

I was down there yesterday and had a look around and it would hold 200 buses as well which would make a fantastic museum. And it has a fantastic picnic site alongside the river for visitors. Following are some photos.

The Power Station is a local landmark.

Picnic Area alongside.

Plenty of Space for the Museum Exhibits.

Even Hardcore.

The Deelis is a very scenic fishing river. A great place for a day out.

August 28, 2004. The campaign kicks off to acquire the station.