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July 6, 2004. Once again Tim Sheehan, Dave Lonergan and Station Controller at Cork Station have excelled themselves by winning for the second week in a row the very prestigious "Rathouse of the Week" award.

The fact that they achieved this with little or no effort is no surprise. One has to be seriously worried about the effect on their health as Denis seems to be going totally blind to judge from the photos but we understand that with treatment it is possible for him to recover his sight and see all the crap the management wallow in. We wish him a very speedy recovery but are seriously worried that the rare disease of "dirt blindness" is highly infectious and seems to be affecting senior management now.

There is absolutely no truth in the scurrilous rumour that Dave told Dublin to f.. off and nobody was going to tell him how to run his station and these new jumped up foreign upstarts would not last long anyhow and could do as they liked.

Anyhow judge for yourself from the photos which follow:

The male toilet is a pooh to behold!

Don't look for a trolley as they are hidden near the rathouse!

The grass grows greener on this side of the fence! So does the dirt and filth.

As you walk across the floor to the booking office, do not look down, you might get sick and then have to go back to the toilet where someone else has already got sick also!

Do not look underneath as you may get sick. The good thing about this is that you are already in the best place to get sick!

Look up at the Victorian splendour and cobwebs which are probably there since the reign of Queen Victoria! Last week they cleaned the cobwebs off the bottom half of the place!

But don't go to the new entrance hall restaurant as you might see this as you queue for your food!

If you smoke - I know it is illegal - throw your butts in the drain! One more flood will not be noticed

Neither for that matter will one more dump!How tidy we Irish are!

Actually you can dump rubbish anywhere. Nobody minds!!

And the pigeons survey it all in spendour from a building which is an accident waiting for a place to happen! When was it last painted or even fixed?

To see how they won last week's RATHOUSE OF THE WEEK award see below for the photos.

We have a new set of photos of filthy Cork Station taken Saturday May 29, 2004. Compare these with those taken on May 8, 2004 and you will see there is absolutely no improvement. The previous photos were sent to Irish Rail Management in both Dublin and Cork and it is quite clear nothing as been done because the junk is still there. Equally the Health and Safety Authority were notified and they have done nothing not that you would expect them to as they are owned by the State and they will hardly attack another state body would they? Stationmaster is Dave Lonergan in case you would like to write and compliment him on the condition of the station and the regional manager is Timmy Sheehan who passes the location of the photos every day. Let us take a tour of what the tourist sees:

May 29, 2004. New Photos - this time of the dirty Cork station.
If you want a ticket you can blooming well queue.

On your way in on your left!

The rubbish does not get collected.

Even the flower pots suffer from Nicotine poisoning!

POOH! As you wait for the train on Platform 4 the view is well... "POOH!"

Not a pooh on right just a piece of a train. Pooh in centre.
Inspector Denis O'Mahoney was the Inspector. The rubbish is even outside his door! It's a wonder he does not fall over it!

While you wait for a taxi you can survey the magnificent paint job and peep through the hole.

The cobwebs are magnificent.
The posting sheet is still looking for 1d stamps and of course most of the collections do not exist as there is only one a day now.

This is a rodent friendly area on the floor.

Rubbish, Pooh!

The Exhaust is still there!

More bits on Platform 4!

Bits and pieces.

Believe it or not but that is broken glass in the background. Pooh in front!

Pooh on the left. Spring on the right.

Going to Fota! Study the dirt before you go!

Why use four bolts when three will do?

Somebody borrowed the top of 3173! I wonder why the rain pours in!

May 8, 2004. New Photos - this time of the dirty Cork station. "Timmy the Liar" is leaving shortly so maybe the place will clean up then!

Does nobody ever clean the place?

Somebody missing an exhaust?
What fell off?

This is called a flower pot?

These photographs were taken March 19, 2003 at Irish Rail stations
at Heuston and Connolly, at the Oslo Restaurant and on the
Irish Rail/ NIR Enterprise Set.

As you join a train on Platform 7 here is what you see. It is all over Platform 8.
It must never be cleaned.

A further sample for your delectation as you enter the dining car.

Plenty More where this came from!.


Been and Gone and Done Nothing is the Cleaners Motto. Scandalous.

Bit Ironic This. Sign is not even fresh!

The Floor must never be cleaned.

What you call an unhygienic sink to!

Plenty of Dirt in the Ice Cream Cupboard.

Missing Floor Tile encourages bacteria.

This Must Never Have Been Cleaned!

Talk of a filthy floor!

Two invitations to an accident!


Connolly Station is for Exhibitionists.

Pee in full view. Wot No Doors? Scandalous.

It certainly is an old - and unpainted - building!.

The Filthy Turnstiles!.

Rats love newspapers for home making. Scandalous.

Plenty Places to go Toilet and it will never be cleaned!

And throw your cigarettes anywhere!


The passenger seats are glossy with dirt.

See the Food alongside the rubbish bins in Dining Car 9401.

A filthy trolley which has certainly seen better days and is held together with tape.
It will take twelve months to replace!

Wonder if the floor in the dining car was ever cleaned?

Much less the floor where you eat.

As for the seats in the dining car .....!.

And behind the seats in the train must never be cleaned.


I then went on the Enterprise and met a most obnoxious train conductor from
Belfast called Ciaran O'Malley who objected to my taking photos of the dirt
and filth which passed for the set.

I asked him if he knew why I was doing it and he said there was a rule against
taking photos on trains. I invited him to show me the rule. He said he did not
have to and I said if no rule - I keep taking photos.

He said he would then rely on the rule which said a train conductor can make
any rule he likes and that he had just made one saying no photos and as it
was his train he could enforce it. So he told me to stop under his new rule.

I asked him if he knew who he was dealing with and he said he did not care.
I said, fine I would continue and what was he going to do about it. He said
he would call the Gardai and have me put off at the next stop which is where I
was going anyhow and he said they would deal with me. I said that was most
interesting and in order to help him offered him the use of my mobile.He ran!

I did not see him for the rest of the trip but I am going to do him for intimidation
and theatening behaviour as it is an offence to use the threat of the Gardai
without reasonable cause. But what an appalling attitude! needless to mention
I will also seek internal disciplinary action not that Translink will do anything
as he was their employee.

The train was filthy and the dining car absolutely disgusting. These people think
they can do what they like and as for customer relations heaven help us.