November 28, 2004. I was away for a few days and came back to find that once again someone had started dissension by posting messages purporting to come from Francis. He did not post them. This business of posting under another persons name is a mean, despicable, underhand practice.

I am just appalled.

Let me make it clear. Francis is the Vehicle Manager for the museum and he alone will decide which vehicle goes to Cultra and no decision will be made until January when we see what we have in Dublin. It is not true that we are moving all vehicles from Dublin to Cork. What we are doing is moving some vehicles to Cork so that we can free up space in Dublin to take in the forty to fifty vehicles we expect and have planned for in 2005. The Dublin yard can only hold ten and was full some weeks ago. It cannot do heavy maintenance which is now the forte of Cork hence the reason for moving most of what is there to Cork.

The comments must have been written by someone severely under the influence as Francis and Podge have both worked their butts off this year to get vehicles in and as you can see from the site Podge has been invaluable in driving them to Cork as well. He is currently in the UK sourcing further vehicles for us.

As for Francis we have gained numerous very valuable acquisitions this year thanks to him and he does far better than I do in getting good examples. Without him we would be missing some very valuable acquisitions. Quite frankly, I do not know how he manages it but he does a super job.

As I am at it there is a third person who deserves tribute namely John Quirke in Cork who also has sourced very valuable vehicles perhaps two of our most valuable. He has been well aided and abetted by Ger Mackey, Stephen Butler and Roy Kearney who have all helped. He has been invaluable and it is only due to dedicated people like him and the others that we have built up such a fine collection. It certainly is not my doing! They do the work.

Nobody has any idea of how much work goes into getting a vehicle, collecting it and getting it to Cork. All I can say is thanks to all of them and I just wish the armchair generals would mind their own bloody business and if they have nothing good to say then shut up. Preservation may indeed be a thankless task but they certainly don't help.

Michael Grimes.

November 21, 2004. The road has been completed at the depot and I have already driven around it. It is an absolutely super test track with bad corners, steep bends, steep hills, roundabouts and three point turn locations. It should enable drivers to gain great confidence before they go on the public road. This week we hope to have the maintenance shed people come with the raw material and should start putting it up We need to get it up before the cold comes. We have got the gas and water to the location now so are ready. Not much on buses last week as our time has been devoted to site works. This week we are concentrating on getting our recovery wagon.

November 12, 2004. R 913 left Dublin for probably the last time on Saturday en route to Cork. Unfortunately she did not run too well after Monasterevan so we overnighted her in Durrow.

Initial survey when we got to her this morning was that it was not as bad as it seemed as she started perfectly and drove herself the rest of the way to the depot without a problem. On the face of it the exhaust had come loose and was beating the hell out of the chassis and we hope this is the only problem as when we stopped that she seemed fine.

However, before she continues to Cork she will have any necessary work done to make sure she is 100% ready for the road.

We are planning a new recovery vehicle next week and should that arrive we will probably move her to Cork with it where we have better facilities in case she does have an engine problem and we would naturally want to avoid further damage.

There is no hurry now that she is safe and sound in the depot.

The removal of four buses from the yard in Dublin has freed up space there for new arrivals. We plan to move LA 37 and the Fleetline next to Cork as well as RIL.

At Clontarf Garage.

Coming down the Quay.

Dash Panel.



November 12, 2004. Our sincere thanks to Ross Aitken who came over especially from Scotland for the week to help move buses and it was thanks to him we got so much done. It was wonderful to have an expert driver and we are most grateful to him and hope he comes back again. Only for him 913 could have suffered serious damage. Thanks Ross.

It is due to Ross we have so many valuable vehicles and he has been invaluable to the museum. He has a few surprises up his sleeve yet for us and we will let you all know in due course. We need people like Ross to sorurce vehicles as I simply do not have the time and both Ross and Francis Dempsey have been superb sourcers.

Our basic premise now is that if any vehicle will drive into one of our yards, we want it! So if any of you out there know of vehicle which might be scrapped but could be useful to the museum give us a shout on 00-353-(0)87-240-555-0. It costs money now to scrap a vehicle whereas it costs nothing to donate a vehicle and it gives pleasure to many generations.

To make this page a more reasonable size, all Peru Railways have now gone to their appropriate section. Click on button on menu for whatever railway you want to see articles and photos of.

November 12, 2004. It is nice to say that there is no winner of the "RATHOUSE OF THE MONTH" this month. Amazing efforts have been made by Cork, Dublin and Limerick and congratulations to all involved. It is terrible that one has to put things on this website to get anything done but that seems to be the only way. Hope they can keep up the good work.

November 12, 2004. Nottingham Atlantean 616 arrived in Cork today having travelled its last staging post at Ballyraggett. It was driven by Ross Aitken and joins two other Atlanteans GM 4762 and Edinburgh 469. The other Atlanteans will follow. Some photos follow:

Ross Aitken after delivery.

Ross with Fleetline Derby 47 and Atlantean 616.

Rear View of both.

Turning into the lane at the depot between the upper yard and the lower yard.

November 11, 2004. Derby Fleetline 47 GTO47V arrived in Cork today having travelled its last staging post at Ballyraggett. It was driven by Ross Aitken and joins West Midland 6965. West Midlands 6889 is scheduled to arrive shortly. Some photos follow:

Front and Side View.

Another view

Backing out of Ballyraggett Depot.



Stairs Itself

Drivers Area.


Front and Side View.

Gardner 6HLXB Engine

November 9, 2004. Edinburgh Corporation 469 Atlantean 680 engined trainer MFS469P arrived in Cork today having travelled all the way from Edinburgh on Saturday driven by Ross Aitken and Francis. Michael and Ross took her with 2531 on the Dublin to Cork section. This dual controlled vehicle is going to be very useful and everything in her works, even the heater. We are so grateful to Ross who has been a true friend of the museum and great credit is due to him and Francis for getting her to Dublin safely. Some photos follow:

Ready to leave for Cork outside East Wall depot.

A rear View

Downstairs, Inside to the rear.

Inside to the front. Note driving seat for instructor.

Drivers Area and dash.

Side Panel

Ross at the Wheel.

Francis at the Wheel.

Outside Head Office at Tramore Road.

2531 At Head Office at Tramore Road in Cork.

Rear View

With the inevitable Ross Aitken our good friend!

On our way from head office to the depot we paused for a photo with LS6!


We have now inserted photos of this unique all steam railway to Brocken Mountain in the Harz Mountains of Germany with mixed operation to Nordhausen, Gernrode, Alexisbad and Hasselfelde. Following is a flavour of it.

October 18, 2004. We have started moving stuff from this page to Page 2 as this page has got huge. The museum is certainly busy these days. If you want to go through slightly earlier events, please click on Page 2.


If you click on BG 36 on the main menu you will see what we are trying to do and would welcome any comments you may have on our main discussion board. You can see it is a lot of work and it will be a considerable time before all our vehicles get in but we have to make a start.


OCTOBER 11, 2004. DUNDALK STATION was visited on October 11, 2004. It is a credit to the Station Master Brendan Mc Quaid and his staff. It wins the October Station of the Month award and deserves it. For such a large station it does take working at.

The front looks inviting.

Even the bicycle parking is clean.

The ramp and car park are tidy and no weeds.

The ticket office is a model.

The bridge across the track is very clean.

As you come down the ramp a nice clean building awaits you.

The victorian waiting room is a gem


OCTOBER 11, 2004. THE ESB have confirmed in writing that we can go to hell. They are going to demolish the station and spend a million euro doing so and they do not care about anyone. Jackie Healy-Rae, T.D. says he can do nothing so it is now up to John O'Donoghue who might help. Philistines, thats what the ESB board are. A fuller report will follow shortly.


OCTOBER 11, 2004. Readymix have also dug their heels in and still refuse to return LS 129 which when the first frost comes will be destroyed as she has no anti-freeze. They could not care either. It is terrible when the Boards of PLC's are nothing but greedy, crotchety old men who will destroy our heritage for spite and greed. A fuller report will follow shortly.


September 27, 2004. Galway has this month won the award for the best station. There is not one photo here as there was not one piece of dirt there to be photographed. We congratulate John Daly and his team and it does show that it can be done and that stations can be kept clean if the Stationmaster wants it.

What is very upsetting about Cork and Limerick is that Regional Managers are in the station every day and walk by it and see and do nothing. Galway


September 20, 2004. We are starting a new occasional series on Irish Bus Operators - non CIE. The first is Murrays of Dromina.

Pride of the Fleet - a Neoplan Skyliner.


Drivers Position.

Click Here for photos of the Murray Fleet

September 2, 2004. I am happy to report that agreement has been reached with the Cork County Council and there will be no more problems over the museum exhibits. We had a very friendly meeting with Ms. Katherine Walsh and Louis Duffy and it was a really a problem of communications. This removes any threat to the museum exhibits.

I should say that I had been very highly critical of Mr. Toddy Cuthbert and his behaviour but I now see that perhaps I was over primed and we did not communicate fully with each other. He is young and I am old and eccentric. He was only trying to do his job as he saw fit and he really did his best to protect the councils interest. I, in turn was trying to protect the museums interest.

I am quite happy therefore to set the record straight and to apologise to him for any wrong impression I may have given and I did not intend to demolish him personally and now that peace has broken out, I am looking forward to working with him and the Council so that the Museum becomes a very valuable tourist attraction. He really was trying to protect the environment as he saw it and I should have made him more aware of what we were doing. I am also grateful to Ms. Walsh and Mr. Duffy for their taking the time to meet with the museum and I am sure we will have them on our side from here on out.

August 20, 2004. Deelis Bridge Power generating station is one of the original turf burning stations in Ireland built in 1948. It was decommissioned two years ago and the ESB propose spending the taxpayers money destroying and demolishing it.

We want to preserve it as with the preserved Kells Railway station we could run a steam railway between the two, put the transport museum in its grounds and have one of the finest tourist attractions in the country. The ESB to date have told us to get lost.

A major campaing has started to save it and to save the taxpayer spending one million euro demolishing it when they could sell it to the museum.

The Power Station is a local landmark.

Picnic Area alongside.

Plenty of Space for the Museum Exhibits.

Click Here for article on how ESB want to spend a million euro demolishing it and more photos.


May 16, 2004. This week we would like to thank George Mc Ivor and Servisair who between them enabled us to get Nefkens 42 and 48. These are two of our most important acquisitions and only for Geroge we would never have got them and they would have been scrapped.

Servisair in turn maintained them in superb condition and helped us to get them to Cork. Phil Sentance and Derek Wright at East Midlands Airport really looked after those vehicles and they are a credit to their skills.

There are so many people who help the museum and George and Servisair are one of many who devote time and effort to helping us. It is nice to know that the results of their labours with Nefkens 48 resulted in it winning an award at Mogeely Rally. Thanks.

June 1, 2004. For those of you interested in the moving of the Bendi-buses go to Andy Coopers site at where you will get a full narrative and photos of his work in moving them. It is very interesting.