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Gibraltar buses consist of those run by the City - Blue Buses - and the only remaining private operator, Calypso Transport Limited who run a fleet of double decks on Route 10 at fifteen minute frequency. They have a fleet of six deckers, one Atlantean, one Olympian and Four MAN BUSSING two of which are open top.

The Atlantean is a very rare left hand drive specimen and has come from Baghdad as has the Olympian. The fleet manager is John Ferrary who welcomes enthusiasts and is very proud of the superb condition he has the fleet in and he has good reason to be as they are immaculate.

The MAN fleet are ex Berlin and the Olympian came from Baghdad. City Bus also run mini-buses on narrow route 2.

A Very rare lefthand drive Atlantean from Baghdad.

Unmistakable Rear

Even more unusual. A service Bluebird.

The Fleet Bar 1235 which is open top also.
Left to Right are Atlantean, Olympian, and 3 MAN Bussings.

1235 Front View.

Another Rear View of 1235.

MAN BUSSING badge on front radiator.

Upstairs. Note two stairs.

Downstairs looking back.

Downstairs looking forward.

Olympian 77960.The one and only Leyland Olympian, long wheelbase, left hand drive demonstrator which started life in Baghdad. Having failed to generate any sales it returned to the UK and was then sold to Calypso Transport Limited in Gibraltar with whom it is still in service in immaculate condition.

Rear View.

City Buses are Caetano bodied Dennis Dart
with Cummins engines.

Rear View